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Strengthening Stakehill: A Recap of the Business Breakfast with Stakehill BID

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Stakehill, a vibrant hub of commerce and community, recently hosted a dynamic Business Breakfast organised by Stakehill Improvement District (BID). The event, held with the aim of fostering collaboration and progress within the local business landscape, featured guest speakers offering insights into various aspects of business development and community enhancement.

The morning commenced with a warm welcome from Anthony Smith, the Chair of Stakehill BID. Smith’s welcoming brief set the tone for the event, emphasising the importance of collaboration and collective action in driving positive change within the community. His remarks underscored Stakehill BID’s commitment to serving the interests of its members and fostering a thriving business environment for all.

Alan Johnson the BID manager gave an overview of Stakehill BID’s initiatives and goals. Alan outlined the BID’s commitment to enhancing the local business environment through targeted investments, collaborative projects, and community engagement efforts. His insights shed light on the pivotal role Stakehill BID plays in driving economic growth and fostering a sense of unity among stakeholders.

The morning continued with Karl Marsh, Workplace North, showcasing the solutions his company offers to local businesses. Karl takes great pride in his ability to assist companies with the preparation of their stock for retail sale. Services range from simple labelling to product finishing. Workplace North offer a full pick & pack service, container loading and unloading plus a wide range of manual services. Karl forms close relationships with his customers which builds trust enabling our customers to concentrate on other aspects of their business, while he takes care of all their warehousing & logistic requirements. As a result, one client has told us that we are like another department of their business.

Security concerns are paramount in any thriving business community, and Ash Mahmood of ClearWatch Security addressed this critical aspect with precision and expertise. Mahmood’s presentation highlighted ClearWatch’s commitment to safeguarding Stakehill’s businesses and residents through cutting-edge security solutions and proactive measures. By leveraging technology and industry best practices, ClearWatch aims to create a safe and secure environment conducive to business success and community well-being.

Next up was Kaine Valentine from Biffa who took the stage to offer exclusive deals and discounts for Stakehill BID members. Kaine’s presentation highlighted Biffa’s commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting sustainable waste management practices. Through tailored solutions and cost-effective services, Biffa aims to help BID members streamline their operations and minimise their environmental footprint.

The morning culminated with Richard Lysons’ impassioned presentation on behalf of STORM (Support The Rochdale Oldham Manchester rail lines group), advocating for the establishment of a local train station at Slattocks. Richard eloquently articulated the potential benefits of improved connectivity, including enhanced accessibility for businesses, increased foot traffic, and reduced environmental impact. Through collaborative efforts and community support, STORM seeks to realise this ambitious vision, positioning Stakehill as a hub of connectivity and opportunity.

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