Stakehill BID: Delivering the future of the Stakehill Industrial Estate

On 1 July 2021, Stakehill Industrial Estate BID – Business Improvement District – embarked upon a five-year mission to deliver changes and improvements, dictated by the occupants, for the occupants.  

BID Objectives

During the initial consultations, Stakehill Industrial occupants informed and influenced the objectives that were ultimately voted through. These objectives were then committed to in a comprehensive 43-page BID Business Plan. These objectives are:

It’s not the BID’s remit to act as a substitute for services that are or should be provided by the Council or the Rochdale Development Agency. But the BID is responsible for working with local authorities, plus other key public and private sector bodies, to represent the best interests of Stakehill Industrial and its occupants in areas such as:

How the BID benefits Stakehill Industrial Estate occupants

Stakehill BID’s goal is to deliver the agenda agreed by the occupants who fund its existence. By adopting a collaborative and future-forward approach, the BID is committed to:

Frequently Asked Questions

New occupants moving in to the Stakehill Industrial Estate are subject to becoming part of the BID community. Some prospective new occupants are attracted to Stakehill Industrial Estate because of the proactivity that the BID demonstrates. And they and can expect a warm welcome from existing occupants when they move in.

In short, everybody pays in and everybody gets out. And because the BID is occupant-funded, you can have complete confidence that all activity is underpinned by equity and transparency.

The levy for your first year of occupancy is set at 1.5% of the rateable value of your premises. The levy criteria for Year 2 onwards is explained in detail in Section 13 of the BID Business Plan.

Get engaged and keep informed

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Whether you’re a prospective occupant, an employee of an existing occupant, a visitor, or an investor, get in touch: