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Defibrillator Awareness Training Boosts Life-Saving Skills

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In a collaborative effort to enhance emergency response capabilities and increase community safety, Stakehill BID teamed up with the Northwest Ambulance Service (NWAS) to provide vital defibrillator awareness training for companies on the estate. 18 dedicated employees from Ceva Logistics and Tontarelli participated in this life-saving initiative.
In a situation where every second counts, knowing how to effectively use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can be the difference between life and death. Recognising the critical need for widespread AED awareness, Stakehill BID, partnered with the NWAS to organise this training.
Stakehill BID, has been at the forefront of several initiatives to bolster safety and security on the industrial estate. Their collaboration with the NWAS reflects the BIDs dedication to improving emergency response times and empowering community members with life-saving skills.
The event, which took place on 7th November 2023, drew 18 eager participants from two prominent businesses on the estate, Ceva Logistics and Tontarelli. These employees voluntarily signed up to undergo training in the proper use of AEDs, demonstrating their commitment to community well-being and emergency preparedness.
The training encompassed essential aspects of AED use, such as recognising when to apply the device, performing CPR in conjunction with AED application, and understanding the crucial role of AEDs in cardiac arrest situations. The participants received hands-on training and invaluable insights from expert instructor from the NWAS.

Stakehill BID manager, emphasised the importance of such initiatives. “Our collaboration with the NWAS is part of our ongoing commitment to make Stakehill industrial estate safer for everyone. We believe that by training more individuals to use AEDs effectively, we can significantly improve the odds of survival in cardiac emergencies.”
By arming employees from Ceva logistics and Tontarelli with this life-saving knowledge, the training session has not only increased community safety but has also set an inspiring example for other local businesses to follow.
The collaboration between Stakehill BID and the NWAS marks a significant step towards creating a more prepared, resilient, and safer community on Stakehill. It underscores the importance of collective efforts in improving emergency response capabilities and emphasises the critical role that AED awareness plays in saving lives.

The BID is dedicated to upskilling employees on Stakehill, and more training will be provided throughout the year. Details of future courses will be in the weekly e-bulletin and if you don’t yet receive the e-bulletin but would like to click on the Link to register.

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