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First aid for mental health course

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On 30th of May, 2024, a first aid for mental health course was conducted at Comfy Group on Stakehill Industrial Estate. This vital training session, funded by Stakehill BID, aimed to equip participants with essential skills to support mental well-being in the workplace. Expertly delivered by Rochdale Training, the course provided a comprehensive overview of mental health first aid, focusing on key areas such as recognising early signs of mental health issues, offering initial support, and understanding how to guide individuals towards professional help when necessary.

Participants engaged in interactive sessions that included real-life scenarios, group discussions, and practical exercises, all designed to build confidence and competence in handling mental health crises. The course also emphasised the importance of creating a supportive environment where employees feel safe to discuss mental health concerns without stigma.

The attendees, who came from various businesses within the industrial estate, left with a deeper understanding of mental health issues and practical strategies to implement in their workplaces. By fostering a more knowledgeable and compassionate community, the training session aimed to enhance overall workplace well-being and resilience, ensuring that mental health support becomes an integral part of the work culture at Stakehill Industrial Estate. The success of this initiative reflects the ongoing commitment of Stakehill BID and Comfy Group to prioritize mental health and support their community.

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