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Outdoor Seating with Stakehill BID

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In July 2022, the Stakehill BID project group and Stakehill BID Board agreed with the proposal of the addition of 7 benches in 4 separate locations on Stakehill Industrial Estate. The benches were placed in the following:

  • Finlan Road – 2 benches
  • At the junction of Boswell Way and Touchet Hall Road – 2 benches
  • Touchet Hall Road (opposite Foot Asylum) – 2 benches
  • At the entrance to Stakehill, next to Pennine Trucks – 1 bench

The addition of the benches provides employees with the opportunity to meet, eat and relax in pleasant surroundings away from their place of work.

The benches were provided and delivered by Sitraben who are a levy payer on Stakehill.

Further benches and additions to the green areas of Stakehill are to be discussed at a later date. If you would like to discuss or would like more information, please contact the BID Manager on

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