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Pedestrian Wayfinding Maps

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In a significant stride towards enhancing the navigational experience at Stakehill Industrial Estate The BID has invested in a series of wayfinding maps strategically placed across the estate, providing guidance to visitors and tenants alike. Spearheading this project, Elite Sign Solutions, a levy payer on the estate, expertly executed the installation of these navigational aids. The forward momentum of navigational improvements at Stakehill Industrial Estate continues. The BID is gearing up for the installation of coloured numbers on each compound within the estate. This strategic enhancement aims to provide a clearer and more visually distinctive identification system, streamlining navigation further. The implementation is planned to unfold in stages, with the first phase anticipated to commence early in the new year. This phased approach ensures a systematic and efficient roll-out, allowing stakeholders to adapt gradually to the upgraded signage system.

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