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Recently Completed Road Improvements on Stakehill Industrial Estate.

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In a bid to enhance the infrastructure Rochdale Borough Council (RBC) has recently completed a series of road improvements on Stakehill Industrial Estate. These improvements aim to optimise transportation efficiency and provide a conducive environment for businesses operating within the estate.

The Stakehill Business Improvement District (BID), a collaborative organisation representing local businesses, has played a crucial role in working closely with partners such as RBC to drive these improvements forward. By fostering strong partnerships, the BID aims to ensure that the estate remains a thriving hub for commerce and industry.

The road improvements carried out by RBC on Stakehill Industrial Estate focused on resurfacing damaged sections on Touchet hall Road and Finlan Road.

Stakehill BID, which represents the collective interests of businesses within the estate, has been actively involved in advocating for these improvements. By working closely with RBC and other stakeholders, the BID aims to ensure that the estate remains an attractive destination for businesses, investors, and employees.

Alan Johnson, Stakehill BID Manager, emphasised the importance of collaboration in achieving these improvements. “We are delighted to have worked with Rochdale Borough Council to bring about these road enhancements. By investing in the infrastructure of Stakehill Industrial Estate, we are creating an environment that supports business growth and attracts further investment.” The road improvements on Stakehill Industrial Estate are part of a broader strategy to enhance Stakehill’s infrastructure and stimulate economic development. RBC and the Stakehill BID are committed to continuing their collaborative efforts to identify further areas for improvement and The ongoing partnership between Rochdale Borough Council and the Stakehill BID demonstrates a shared commitment to the success and prosperity of the estate and its stakeholders

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