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Safer Business Action Event

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Last week, Stakehill Estate hosted a highly successful safer business action event, orchestrated through a collaborative effort between Stakehill BID (Business Improvement District), Clearwatch Security, and the Kirkholt & Castleton GMP (Greater Manchester Police) neighbourhood team. The event aimed at fostering a safer business environment brought together local businesses, stakeholders, and law enforcement agencies to address security concerns and promote community well-being. Stakehill BID’s proactive approach in organising the event facilitated a platform for open dialogue and strategic planning. Clearwatch Security played a crucial role in implementing effective security measures, ensuring the safety of participants. The Kirkholt & Castleton GMP neighbourhood team contributed valuable insights and demonstrated their commitment to community engagement. Through this unified effort, the event not only enhanced security but also strengthened the sense of community among businesses and residents on Stakehill Estate.

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