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Stakehill Industrial Estate Embraces Change and Project Excellence with Instep PM Masterclasses

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Last week, leading companies such as Comfy Group, Toolstation, and Blue Spot Tools gathered for an enlightening series of masterclasses. Delivered by Instep, a renowned provider of professional development solutions, the sessions focused on honing skills in change management and project delivery excellence.

Instep’s expertise in delivering impactful training experiences was evident as participants delved into the intricacies of navigating change and ensuring project success. Through a combination of interactive workshops, insightful discussions, and practical exercises, attendees gained valuable insights and strategies to drive effective change initiatives and streamline project workflows.

The collaborative atmosphere fostered by Instep’s masterclasses provided a platform for participants to exchange best practices, share experiences, and learn from one another. The presence of representatives from diverse industries underscored the universal relevance of the topics covered and highlighted the collective commitment to continuous improvement and professional growth.

Comfy Group, Toolstation, and Blue Spot Tools emerged as standout participants, demonstrating a keen enthusiasm for embracing change as a catalyst for organisational advancement. Their active engagement and willingness to explore new approaches underscored the spirit of innovation and collaboration that permeates Stakehill Industrial Estate.

The initiative, run by Stakehill BID, underscores the organisation’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the business community. By providing access to high-quality training and development opportunities, Stakehill BID aims to empower businesses to navigate challenges effectively and achieve sustained success.

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