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Stakehill’s Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plan

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How you can get involved and the benefits for your business

Stakehill, 27th March 2024: The recent announcement of Stakehill Industrial Estate’s Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plan (LIDP) marks a significant stride towards sustainable industrial practices. Led by a consortium spearheaded by the Rochdale Development Agency and backed by Innovate UK, this initiative holds immense potential for businesses within Stakehill.

What is the LIDP? 

The LIDP is a strategic framework aimed at curbing emissions and fostering sustainability across Stakehill’s industrial landscape.

By harnessing the collective expertise of stakeholders including SSE Utilities Solutions Ltd, the Energy Innovation Agency, Rochdale Borough Council, Stakehill BID Ltd, the University of Manchester, and asset owners UBS – the consortium endeavours to develop innovative solutions conducive to achieving Greater Manchester’s ambitious target of net-zero emissions by 2038. 

How you can get involved 

We are kicking the project off with a launch event on March 26, 1pm to 3pm at CEVA Logistics, for all BID members.

By attending, you’ll gain first hand insights into the project’s objectives, strategies, and the role your business can play in shaping its outcomes. To book your place click here.

As part of the project, we are also developing a survey with the University of Manchester to capture the current initiatives and practices undertaken by Stakehill businesses – helping create a baseline assessment of the industrial estate and inform future planning. We will share details on how you can take part at the launch event.

How could this benefit my business?

This is a fantastic opportunity for Stakehill BID members to invest in the strategic longevity and competitiveness of their business, key benefits include:

Early involvement: By engaging from the outset, your business can actively shape the strategic direction of Stakehill’s decarbonisation efforts, ensuring alignment with your goals and priorities.

Collaborative learning: The LIDP fosters a collaborative environment wherein businesses can share insights, best practices, and lessons learned, thus accelerating the adoption of sustainable technologies and practices.

Access to expertise: Leveraging the consortium’s diverse expertise and support networks, your business gains access to invaluable resources, technical assistance, and guidance – essential for implementing emission reduction strategies effectively. 

To book a place at the launch event click here.

To find out more about the LIDP click here.

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