Why & How


Our Vision for Stakehill Industrial Estate is for the Stakehill BID area to be recognised as the place where businesses develop and grow through collaboration and investment.

Surveys were carried out across a range of businesses from all sectors and sizes of Stakehill Industrial Estate including both business and employee surveys.

Despite the economic uncertainty and challenges of all businesses since the COVID pandemic, 60% of the businesses surveyed anticipated growth within their business over the next five years. Also 47% of businesses envisage their staffing numbers will increase moderately in the next year.

Access, parking and the condition of roads are important to the businesses and employees located on the Stakehill industrial estate. From comments made within the surveys for suggestions for the area 65% of business comments and 51% of employee comments were related to ‘Access’. Suggestions included in both surveys was the need for an improvement in the bus service, having a more frequent service.

Personal safety and security on the site were key themes that rose from the survey results. Comments from both businesses and employees with regards to security included the need for more lighting around the estate, and generally to improve the security around the estate and creating confidence in the onsite security.

Feeling part of a business community and the amenities are also important to the businesses and employees within the estate. Currently on the estate there is a lack of amenities for staff and visitors to the estate and this is apparent in the results from both the business and the employee survey. 80% of businesses and 63% of employees ranked ‘Seating areas within the estate areas to eat and relax’ as either poor or very poor, this was also the most poorly ranked aspect from the business surveys.

Following the extensive research with the businesses and their employees, three key project areas for the Stakehill BID have emerged reflecting the key issues and opportunities identified by the businesses. The activities within each of the project areas have been specifically designed to address common needs or take advantage of shared opportunities.

The BID will address the local environmental issues with the support from the Rochdale Borough Council. With its status as a BID, Stakehill businesses will be able to influence key decision makers at local and regional level to address issues which impact directly upon businesses operating in Stakehill.

Your organisations stands to benefit directly from these additional projects and activities that have been identified by businesses as crucial to the future of their success in Stakehill:

Given the nature of the needs of businesses and the activities planned in this BID Proposal and Business Plan the BID recognises that its role needs to be one which works with, supports and influences others such as the Rochdale Development Agency, Greater Manchester Authority, Transport for Greater Manchester and other larger businesses and organisations, both public and private which have a role to play in delivering this plan. This approach means that the BID can maximise the benefits to businesses on Stakehill, something it cannot do working in isolation with a limited budget.

Monitoring and measuring the performance and effectiveness of the BID activities is an integral and essential part of the plan. Businesses need to be confident that their levy money is being invested as productively as possible to maximise results.